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If you moved into an existing house that doesn’t quite fit your family’s needs, Interiors With Elegance can help with new home additions in Calgary. Work first with our drafting and design team and we will conceive a new floor-plan and design solution that you will love. By hiring educated professionals that understand the technical aspects of building construction, our team will not only meet your design expectations and help you solve for space but create something that is feasible to build. Our installation team then takes over, who translates the design from a two-dimensional plan into three-dimensional reality. Home additions can have a wide array of purposes from new bedrooms to sun-rooms. No matter what you plan, we can handle it. 




There are many benefits to home additions for Calgary homeowners, including:

  • Additional space – Even adding a few extra feet to your kitchen or bathroom can do wonders for your home. Home additions can be turned into new storage spaces, bedrooms, living rooms, and more, giving your family the space to grow.
  • Increased property value – New home additions can increase the value of your home significantly, whether you’re adding a sunroom or additional bathrooms.
  • Money saving – Some home additions are less expensive than moving, plus you don’t have to deal with the hassle of packing or the concerns of uprooting your family to move to a new area. 
  • Improved lighting – Sunrooms are a popular addition to any home. Not only does it increase the space in your home, but it lets in much needed natural light.

Tips on Home Additions

It is easy to get ahead of yourself while planning a remodeling project. Thinking about new space, design and furniture can sometimes get in the way of more necessary preparations. Here are some tips to keep your plan on track:

Knowing What You Want

Before starting, know what you want to add to make sure you don’t go overboard. Try to accommodate basic features like windows and doors before seeking out luxuries.

 You Must Have a Planned Budget

It is one of the most important aspects of home renovation. Make sure to take into account everything while planning your budget.

Gather Legal Documents

Remodeling requires a lot of documentation including deeds and permits. For example, you might need a proper plot plan which will have the lines and distance to neighboring buildings. These plans can be accessed through your local Registry of Deeds.

Speak to Your Neighbours

Talk to your neighbours about your addition project. It is wise to get their feedback or complaints they might have had while renovating their house.

Create a Shortlist of Builders

It is essential to choose a builder whom you can trust, which is why you must make a list. Sometimes your architect may have some quality insights for hiring reliable contractors.

Home Additions in Calgary – What’s Popular?

Home additions in Calgary come in all shapes and sizes. Some homeowners are looking for a space to entertain guests by adding on a sunroom, enclosed patio, or finished basement. Others need additional storage so an extra garage comes in handy. Still, many homeowners get additions because of their growing family. These additions could include adding on another bedroom to the back of the house or even creating a second floor. Creating extra footage for bathrooms and kitchens is also popular. At Interiors With Elegance, our designers and certified tradespeople have years of experience completing a wide range of home additions for Calgary residents. We can provide advice and guidance through the whole home addition process to ensure you get the most out of your renovation investment. Still not convinced? Take a look at our portfolio! It speaks for itself.

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