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New Calgary Home Renovations!


If you've recently relocated to a pre-existing house in Calgary that doesn't quite meet your family's requirements, turn to Interiors with Elegance for top-notch home additions. Collaborate with our drafting and design experts to develop a new floor plan and design solution tailored to your preferences. By hiring educated professionals who understand the technical aspects of building construction, our team will exceed your design expectations and help you solve space problems, creating wonderful areas. Our installation team seamlessly transforms the envisioned design from a two-dimensional plan into a three-dimensional reality. Whether you want to add new bedrooms or sunrooms, our team can handle various home renovation purposes. Trust Interiors With Elegance to bring your vision to life in Calgary's vibrant city.



Benefits That New Home Additions Give to Your Calgary Home

There are numerous advantages to opting for home additions in Calgary, benefiting homeowners in various ways:

  • Additional space – Even a modest extension to your kitchen or bathroom can make a significant difference in your Calgary home. Home additions can be turned into new storage spaces, bedrooms, living rooms, and more, giving your family the space to grow.
  • Increased property value – New home additions can significantly increase your home's value, whether adding a sunroom or additional bathrooms.
  • Money saving – Some home additions are less expensive than moving, plus you don’t have to deal with the hassle of packing or the concerns of uprooting your family to move to a new area. 
  • Improved lighting – Sunrooms are a popular addition to any home. Beyond expanding your living space, they allow for an influx of natural light, contributing to a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

Tips on Home Additions

It is easy to get ahead of yourself while planning a home renovation in Calgary remodelling project. Thinking about a new space, design, and furniture can sometimes get in the way of more necessary preparations. Here are some tips to keep your plan on track:

Know what you want

Before starting, know what you want to add to ensure you don’t go overboard. Try to accommodate basic features like windows and doors before seeking out luxuries.

Plan a budget

It is one of the most important aspects of home renovation in Calgary. Make sure to consider everything while planning your budget.

Gather legal documents

Remodeling requires a lot of documentation, including deeds and permits. For example, you might need a proper plot plan with the lines and distance to neighbouring buildings. These plans can be accessed through your local Registry of Deeds.

Speak to your neighbours

Talk to your neighbours about your additional project. It is wise to get their feedback or complaints they might have had while renovating their house.

Create a shortlist of builders

Choosing a builder whom you can trust is essential, which is why you must make a list. Sometimes, your architect may have some quality insights for hiring reliable contractors.

Home Additions in Calgary – What’s Popular?

Home additions in Calgary come in many shapes and sizes, catering to unique needs and preferences. Some homeowners in Calgary seek to enhance their living spaces for entertaining guests, opting for additions like sunrooms, enclosed patios, or finished basements. Others prioritize additional storage solutions, finding value in extra garages. Many families expanding their households also turn to home additions, such as adding bedrooms to the rear of the house or creating a second floor.

Increasing square footage for additional bathrooms and kitchens is popular for those looking to accommodate a growing family. At Interiors with Elegance, our team of designers and certified trades
people boasts extensive experience completing a diverse range of home additions for Calgary residents. We specialize in guiding and advising throughout the home addition process, ensuring that your renovation investment yields the maximum benefit.


Notably, our portfolio showcases the successful realization of numerous home additions, speaking volumes about the quality of our work. If you're considering a home renovation in Calgary, Interiors With Elegance is your trusted partner for turning your vision into reality.

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