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If you are looking for a design that feels more modern and functional and looks less like it came from a history book, Interiors With Elegance can design the project for you. Contemporary design - also known as our modern house design styles for Calgary homes- emphasizes architectural shapes, with strong, linear interest created by blocks of space defined by connective elements. Straight grains prevail in cabinetry, and when doors are not stainless steel or glass, they are typically slab doors.



  • Elegance – A blending of Asian Pacific with North American and European design themes to create elegantly simple rooms. This combination of dissimilar materials results in a room with a strong emphasis on horizontal linear elements but is rich in pattern interest.

  • Minimalism – Focusing on simplicity while providing great textural interest in the materials selected. Think of the ‘Euro-look,’ ‘high-tech’ look and furniture from German and Scandinavian designers.

  • ‘Retro’ look – Celebrating brightly coloured new materials such as fibreglass, cast aluminum, acrylic and resin to create interesting furniture pieces and accents. Colour is used everywhere.



Whatever your style choice is, Interiors With Elegance can help you design and create the project. Our builders will get the work done in no time at all and leave you completely satisfied with the end results. Contact us today, and our renovation experts can walk you through some modern house designs for Calgary homes.

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