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Is your basement cold, dark, and unfinished? You can add value to your home by developing your basement into usable space for whatever your family needs. If you are unsure about what additions should be made to your basement, consult our team. Interiors With Elegance can help you expand to a beautiful and functional space with quality basement renovations in Calgary. Put in a game room, a home theatre, wine cellar, or a new bedroom! Whatever you desire, let us lend a hand in creating a new environment for living. We’ll create the design, come up with the plan, and put in the new basement you’ve wanted for ages. 



Over the years we’ve handled a number of different basement renovations in Calgary including projects that involved:

  • Installing shelving 

  • Remodelling basement stairs

  • Creating home theatre spaces

  • Designing and constructing bars

  • Building wine ranks for wine cellars

  • Any standard renovation

  • Major plumbing changes

  • And more


Interiors With Elegance has renovated basements in various styles including traditional with Classical panelling and cabinetry, transitional with distressed metal hardware, and contemporary with minimalist furniture and designs.


What to Consider Before Your Basement Renovation?

Basement renovations for Calgary homes involve more than just changing the look of a particular space. There are many things to consider before you attempt to finish your basement, including:

  • Building codes – Pay attention to the building codes that dictate how best to layout a basement. For example, if you are turning your basement into a bedroom, you will need to install a large enough window to enter and exit in case of an emergency. 

  • Water drainage – Repair any water problems before finishing your basement. Additionally, make sure your basement has proper drainage, especially if you install bathrooms, kitchenettes, or other features that use water. 

  • Height – Sometimes, an unfinished basement has low ceilings or low-hanging ductwork that will cause issues if you plan on making the space more habitable. You will either have to relocate the ductwork or dig down into the floor to increase the distance between it and the ceiling. 

  • Future projects – The basement often houses many of the home’s mechanical systems, so it’s important to keep future projects in mind. Make sure you don’t have to remove and replace the work you’ve already done to your finished basement in order to get to electrical circuits or supply lines.


Why Should You Develop a Basement?


Do you have an unfinished basement? Here are some reasons why you should develop and finish your basement:

  • Enhances the value of your property

  • Adds a liveable space to your home that you can design

  • Expand the square footage of your home



Ways to Use a Renovated Basement


With a basement renovation, you have the final say in how you want to redesign the space to fit your home. Common functions for basements include:

  • Entertainment Area If your living room doesn’t have enough space to install a home theatre or other type of entertainment system, your basement can be the solution. Renovate your basement provide the perfect setting for home entertainment systems and seating.


  • Home Gym For homeowners who enjoy working out, you can renovate your basement into a home gym to fit all your equipment and machines, while staying in shape from the comfort of your home.


  • Home Office People often need a space to work from in their home and find some peace and quiet. A basement can be a perfect place for setting up your new home office.


  • Extra Living Space You can also turn your basement into an extra living space to host guests, or a play area for your children. The options are endless when you add additional space to your home.



Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re preparing for a basement renovation, read our FAQ below or speak with our experts to learn more.

  • Do You Need Permits for Basement Renovation?

    Yes, you will need the required permits for renovation work according to city bylawys.

  • How Long Does it take to Renovate or Develop a Basement?

    Depending on the size and scale of the renovation plan, it can take months to complete. There is no fixed or average time frame.

  • Is Basement Renovation Messy?

    Just like any other construction activity, basement renovation and development can be a messy affair. Our professional renovation contractors will handle all the work, cleaning and disposal of waste during the construction process.




With over two decades of experience, we know what works best for various home styles. Our basement renovations help drive up the overall home value with the unique designs we put in place, whether you prefer a traditional or modern look. We guide you throughout the process with unique ideas on how to develop the basement space fit for you. Unsure about costs? Our team will try our best to work and align the budget to meet your needs. Call our experts experts for a quote today.





At Interiors with Elegance, we have the experience and the skills necessary to turn your basement into a space you’ll never want to leave. Contact us to get an estimate for a basement renovation in Calgary. We also offer top-rated kitchen and bathroom renovations. Hire our experts to bring your vision to life.

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Bring Your Vision to Life


Interiors With Elegance can help your renovation every step of the way in Calgary.

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