bathroom renovation trends for 2022

Top Trends for Bathroom Renovations in 2022

After a long day, you want to come home and relax. What better place to do that than in your spa-like bathroom? But if you neglected your bathroom's style, relaxing may not feel like the spa getaway it should be.

So how do you turn your bathroom into your personal oasis? The answer is simple: with these top trends for bathroom renovations, of course.

Here is a little insight into the colours, textures, and features that will dominate the design magazines in 2022. You can use these to turn your bathroom into the stuff of a professional designer's dreams.


Bold Marble Accents

Marble is no stranger to bathrooms or home remodels. But this material will be having a moment in 2022 in a big way. It's time to go bold with marble accents in your bathroom renovation.

Think chic marble tile and floor-to-ceiling marble accent walls. These add a touch of elegance and luxury to make any bathroom feel high-end.

Statement Murals

Want to add a bit of pattern and colour to your bathroom? Then a statement mural is a must for 2022. We've seen wallpaper in other parts of a home renovation, but now it's time to add the scenic design to the bathroom.

The days of plain white and sterile walls are gone. Murals add a bold accent to an otherwise straightforward space.

A Touch of Luxury

Luxury doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Although, feel free to splurge on the right piece. Adding a touch of luxury means finding those striking and unique pieces that will stand out among the rest of your design.

Luxury bathroom renovation ideas could be a sparkling chandelier or a vintage clawfoot tub. These details make your bathroom feel more customized.

Mix and Match Textures

It's all about creating a visually interesting space. And to do that, you have to mix and match your textures. Monotone creates a flat room, while a combination of wood, tile, and stone makes the eye bounce around.

Don't be afraid to try different combinations of colours, materials, and textures to create a design that's truly one of a kind.

Natural Materials

Using natural materials allows you to add neutrals without the space feeling cold and clinical. A plain white tile can feel like a doctor's office. But an off-white, cream, or tan stone feels much more warm and welcoming.

Natural materials like stone, bamboo, and wood pair well with bold colours and patterns, so they help add accents that keep the room from feeling too visually overwhelming.

Schedule Your Bathroom Renovation

You may not have given much thought to your bathroom before, but 2022 is the year to do it. It's time to turn that dated space into your own relaxing oasis.

These trends for bathroom renovations are a great place to start. To get started on renovating your home’s bathroom, contact the design and renovation experts at Interiors With Elegance in Calgary. We can help you achieve your dream bathroom with modern style.