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Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

A kitchen remodel adds beauty and style to one of the home's most popular rooms. According to recent statistics, nearly 57 per cent of Canadian homeowners completed one or two DIY projects in 2019.

Before you get excited about doing a kitchen renovation, there are some crucial things to know.

Check out these common kitchen renovation mistakes, so you'll know exactly what to avoid before the big reveal.

Forgetting to Focus on Storage

It's easy to get excited by the prospect of new floors, countertops, and appliances when planning your kitchen remodel. However, if you forget to focus on storage, you could end up feeling sorely disappointed.

Make sure you remember to keep storage at the top of your mind while drafting your kitchen remodel plans. This should include every element of the space like the upper and lower cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Not only will this ensure you have ample storage, but it will also help to keep your kitchen nicely organized.

Neglecting the Kitchen Triangle

Part of a good, high-quality design plan is knowing how to maximize a space's efficiency. The kitchen triangle refers to the three main areas of this room: the stove/oven, sink, and refrigerator.

When you design the layout using the kitchen triangle method, you'll find that cooking and cleaning tasks are much easier to complete. Each of these elements doesn't have to be placed extremely close together, but they should be used as a general guideline. Forgetting this principle can make the re-modelling process frustrating once everything is said and done.

Kitchen Renovation Mistakes: Ignoring Lighting

As you plan your kitchen renovation, you're going to get excited about faucets, flooring, and finishes. One major mistake some homeowners make is neglecting lighting plans altogether.

Depending on the placement and layout of this space, you may need to install more fixtures to get the light you need. Additional windows or a sliding glass door will allow for natural light to flow into the room. Make sure you talk to the pros at Interiors with Elegance so we can help you design the ultimate lighting setup. 

Not Developing a Budget

Like any major home re-modelling project, you'll need to sit down and plan a budget ahead of time. Forgetting this crucial step could leave you in a serious financial conundrum later.

Try to add around 15 to 20 per cent as a "cushion" when budgeting your kitchen renovation. This will allow some extra money for things like more materials if needed as well as those unforeseen incidents that often come with the territory.

Get Your Dream Kitchen Today

From forgetting storage and lighting to ignoring the kitchen triangle concept, keep these common kitchen renovation mistakes in mind. When you know what to avoid, you'll be able to move forward with your next big home project in confidence.

If you're ready to get started on your custom kitchen renovation in Calgary, contact the experts at Interiors with Elegance today! We'll help you every step of the way to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams. 


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