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modernized kitchen renovation

There are many reasons you might be thinking of renovating your kitchen. Perhaps you've outgrown it and need to add more space; or maybe everything has become worn down after years of wear and tear and the design is outdated.

Kitchen design trends are constantly changing. While this is exciting news from a creativity standpoint, it can mean that kitchens become outdated fast. If you're currently grappling with an outdated kitchen design you shouldn't feel bad about wanting to change it.

Renovating your kitchen will add value to your property, make your kitchen space more usable, and give you a brand new space that you can be proud to show off. Read on for tips on kitchen remodelling and some modernizing kitchen design ideas.



What is it exactly that makes a kitchen look or feel outdated? To begin with, there's the obvious answer of time. If you've got a kitchen that you haven't changed much in 30-odd years, it's going to look a little outdated—without question.

But it isn't as simple as that. There are certain design choices you can make with your kitchen that will make it look more timeless and less affected by changing trends. What you do with your kitchen now can have a huge effect on how long it remains looking attractive and stylish.

Another thing that can make a kitchen look outdated is your appliances. Since technology is constantly advancing in this area, a fridge from even a decade ago won't be looking modern today.


With kitchen renovations, it's easy to fall into the trap of being overzealous in adopting kitchen design trends. While you should take elements of the trends you like, you shouldn't let them take over the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you also shouldn't actively try to make your kitchen look super modern. When you do this, you're still sticking it in a certain era, which makes it more likely it will be out of style down the line.

Instead, you want to go for timeless and classic design choices. Things like neutral coloured cabinetry, open plan floor spaces, Belfast sinks, and kitchen islands are practical choices that are going to remain relevant and fresh far longer than a baby pink accent wall or wallpaper that begins to peel after a couple of years.

Another thing that can help keep your kitchen looking sleek and stylish is to not have too much clutter. Try and design a space for everything in your kitchen so that it looks clean and orderly at all times.


Updating an outdated space is never a bad idea. You just need to be careful how you go about it. By future-proofing your kitchen design, you'll save yourself a lot of time and effort in years to come.

If you're looking for more design inspiration for your kitchen, we'd be happy to speak with you. Call the team at Interiors With Elegance today to discuss your dream kitchen for your Calgary home.



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