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Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a kitchen is a pretty major job that needs careful planning. Factors such as budget, trends, floor plan and existing cabinets should be considered while developing a plan. Hiring a professional for a kitchen renovation will help you create a custom and functional kitchen space that complements your lifestyle. Get in touch with Interiors With Elegance for reliable kitchen renovations. We ensure your home is adhering to rules and guidelines set out by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the Alberta Building Code.

Here are things to consider before renovating your kitchen:




Budget is one of the most important factors to be considered in kitchen renovation. The remodeling budget will include appliance cost, moving utilities and hiring a contractor. Create a budget, keeping in mind what features you want to change in your existing kitchen. Some tips to help plan a budget for kitchen renovations are:

List out the renovation items according to priority, such as getting new cabinets before appliances. If the renovation goes over budget, you still can complete the priority items off your list

Spend maximum (20 percent of the total budget) on items you won’t often replace, such as cabinets and countertops               

Make sure you are setting aside an additional 20 percent of your budget for unexpected expenses. You don’t want to leave your project halfway just because you are short of cash


2. Kitchen Layout


Identify the existing kitchen layout to understand what needs to be changed during remodeling. If you want to add or remove walls, it might affect your budget. Understand how many people will be using the kitchen at the same time. Incorporate additional workstations accordingly. The placement of the sink, refrigerator and stove can be in a triangular position for convenience.


3.  Lighting


Proper lighting plays an important part in kitchen renovation. Check for lighting trends and styles to incorporate, such as ambient lighting or task lighting, in your plan. Ensure the lights are adequate enough to illuminate the countertops. Depending on your preferences, go for track lighting or decorative lighting, such as chandeliers.


4. Duration


The duration for your kitchen remodel will depend on the scope of the project. Delays can occur in any of the stages of planning, including the layouts, material selection and ordering of materials. It usually takes three to six months of time to complete a major renovation. Plan a temporary kitchen space until the renovation is complete.


5. Kitchen Space


Make sure you have appropriate space between your cooking appliances and the sink. For appliances, such as refrigerators, ensure enough space is available so that doors can be opened and closed without any issue. Plan enough room between cabinets and island for people to easily walk through.


6.  Appliances

Check for appliances, such as refrigerators or dishwashers, with ratings that help you save money on your energy bills. Additionally, select appliances before the renovation so as to plan the cabinets around it.


7.  Hire the Right Company

Professional advice for a kitchen renovation will save time and money. You can create a custom and functional space for your kitchen that complements your house. Experts will guide you with your plan and offer advice for your unique kitchen style. Check for a renovation company that has in-house designers to help ensure your renovation is completed according to building codes.

Choose a renovation depending on your design styles, such as traditional, transitional and contemporary. Interiors With Elegance offers custom designs for your kitchen renovation. We also provide renovations in bathrooms and basements for our residential clients.

Contact us today for custom kitchen renovations in Calgary.









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