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Before you embark on the journey to refurbish your house, there are certain points that you should consider. Start with making a budget and plan on how to spend your money efficiently. Interiors With Elegance has design professionals for custom home renovations in Calgary. We offer a variety of renovation styles which include traditional, transitional and contemporary. You will find us beside you throughout the entire process.

Here are a few tips to help you plan the renovation of your house:


1.  Make a schedule


Start the process by making a proper schedule. As multiple people will be working on different things at the same time around the house, keeping track of costs might get difficult. Make an orderly list of the things you need to get done and segregate the project into smaller plans to make things more manageable for you. For example, start with the kitchen plan, go on to the bathroom plan and so on.


2. Check for rot and dampness


Rot is a fungus that destroys timber and shows up in areas that aren’t very well ventilated, such as under floorboards and attics. Water marks on the walls and flooring is a sign of dampness. It’s typically caused by leakage in pipes or clogged gutters. Both damp and rot are fairly expensive to repair, hence you should keep them in check.


3.  Take a look at the roof


Check out your roof and see if any tiles or flashings are missing or need replacing. If there is extensive damage, you might need to replace the entire roof. Make sure you keep this in mind for your safety.


4. Consider remodelling the basement


One of the highlights of custom home renovations is basement refurbishing. You can install shelves, remodel the stairs, and create a home theatre space, basement bar, wine cellar or anything of your choice. There are various options available today, you can choose what suits your home the best. A few things you should keep in mind before planning the renovation is the height of the basement, building codes and drainage.


5.  Get a blueprint of the plan


The primary things required to plan a renovation are blueprints, estimates and design plans. Start with making an all-inclusive plan with specific details about the kind of work that needs to be done, the products that will be used and the designs that have been shortlisted, on paper. Getting professional renovators to do this for you will be the best plan of action.


At Interiors With Elegance, we provide custom home renovation services. From designing to the perfect finish, it’s our goal to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Ready to get renovating? Contact us for your custom home renovation project in Calgary today!


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