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Do you have a little one on the way? Do you want to create a unique home office space? Or maybe the time is just right to finally treat yourself to that kitchen you’ve always wanted, but your existing floor space is just too small to accommodate your plans?

More and more families are turning to home additions in Calgary as the sensible solution to their space issues. But home additions in Calgary entail more than knocking down some walls and throwing up a few windows and partitions! Expert planning is a must. We’ve put together a crash course in what to expect when adding on to your home but feel free to contact us today for a consultation or to start creating a budget. Our in-house design team and tradespeople are committed through every step of design process!

Let’s take a look at five factors to consider before throwing yourself into a home addition project in Calgary:

  1. Budget. With the help of a reputable contractor/designer, establish a budget for your project and weigh it against the option of moving into a larger home. Having a new home built is certainly an (expensive) option. You may also consider buying a larger existing home but remember you’ll probably have to invest in renovations, which will further inflate the price. If you’re interested in a home renovation in Calgary, try out our free calculator today!

  2. Type of addition. Garage conversion, bump-out, floor addition, sunroom, full room addition… home additions in Calgary come in all shapes and sizes. All that’s limiting you are your design preferences, budget, available space and city bylaws.

  3. Bylaws. It’s very difficult for ordinary citizens to navigate all the rules and regulations governing the home renovations sector in Calgary. Unless you enjoy spending hours doing research and talking on the phone, you should definitely consider hiring the services of an expert contractor/designer who is familiar with local bylaws. New renovation projects that had to be destroyed because they didn’t comply with regulations are not an urban myth! It’s happened in the past and will happen in the future. Protect yourself by keeping informed! 

  4. Permits. The type of permit you will require for your home addition project in Calgary will depend on several factors: whether your existing home or project comply with the Land Use Bylaw, whether the existing structure requires relaxation, size of project and whether you plan on hiring tradespeople or do the work yourself. A development permit may be required and a building permit is almost always required, as are trade permits (homeowner or otherwise).

  5. Other considerations. Have you planned for a radon remediation system rough-in? The possibility of asbestos abatement? Building setback? Energy efficiency requirements? These are all issues that have to be addressed to comply with local rules and regulations. Teaming up with the experts at Interiors with Elegance will ensure that your project is completed to your liking and safely within the law.

Do you have questions regarding home additions in Calgary? Contact us at Interiors With Elegance! Our prize-winning team knows the regulations governing renovations and additions in Calgary inside out.

Contact us today at Interiors With Elegance, and let us help you make your dream home addition a reality!


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