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The bathroom in your home likely fulfills the basic functions you need it to but doesn't offer much beyond that. While you might think that's all you really want, homeowners are always surprised by just how much of a difference a custom bathroom renovation makes. At Interiors With Elegance, a Calgary renovation company, we can help you design and build the bathroom of your dreams. Here are the reasons why that's something you might want:


Optimized Use of Space 

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in a home, despite being one of the busiest. This limited space also tends to be underutilized. A renovation company with in-house designers can find many ways to make better and more efficient use of the available space. With no dead space, you can get that larger tub or bigger vanity you've always wanted.

Greater Functionality and Comfort

By making better use of the space, a custom bathroom renovation will also help make your bathroom far more comfortable and functional for your everyday routine. A renovation will also allow you to customize the bathroom design for anyone in the household who may have mobility issues and who requires special fixtures and fittings for activities such as taking a shower.

Enhanced Style and Aesthetic Appeal

A generic bathroom usually comes in a generic style to appeal to the widest potential pool of homebuyers. Well, now that the bathroom is yours, you can put your own personal touches on it. A custom renovation will give you the freedom to choose the style and finishes that match your tastes and personality. Whether you go ultra-modern or more traditional, the choice is completely up to you.

Better Quality Fixtures and Materials

The fixtures and fittings provided by a trusted renovation company in Calgary are almost always guaranteed to outlast the generic fixtures and fittings of a typical home bathroom. They are generally made of higher quality materials and are therefore better able to resist wear and tear from everyday use. You'll spend less money on maintenance and replacements over time.


Increased Home Value

Not only will you get a lot more enjoyment out of the bathroom while living in your home, but you'll also get to enjoy a higher resale price if you ever choose to sell. Potential homebuyers are usually willing to pay more for a customized bathroom that makes better use of the space. For a high return on investment, a bathroom renovation is a great choice.

Custom Bathroom Design and Renovation in Calgary

With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®, you can trust Interiors With Elegance to deliver a custom bathroom renovation that meets all of your needs and preferences. Our in-house interior designers will work with you to create the best bathroom design for your home in any renovation style. Our certified tradespeople will then bring it to life with quality materials and workmanship.

For an estimate on a custom bathroom renovation in Calgary that will really make a difference, just contact Interiors With Elegance today.


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