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Home Renovation

Whether you just bought a house and want to redo it or renovate the home you’ve been living in for a while, you need a reliable company who’s there to take care of all your renovation needs with ease. The company you choose from renovating bathrooms and kitchens to rebuilding an entire part of the house should be able to pay heed to every minute detail.

Renovations can be overwhelming, but finding the right renovation contractor can be a nightmare. You need a contractor who can tell you if your plans are doable, the alternatives, and what would suit your home and needs. You want someone who makes it easier on you, not add to your troubles. Count on Interiors with Elegance for custom renovation services throughout Calgary.


Few things to consider while choosing a home renovation company are:

• All-Inclusive Services

First of all, you don’t want to run around searching for different companies because your contractor doesn’t offer all the services you need. Ensure the company you choose does every single job required.

• Experience

Inquire about the experience the company has in the renovation industry. You have invested in your house, and you are going to live in it. You don't want an amateur company with no experience messing things up. While you are at it, check if the company's employees are qualified to be working on your home.

• Third-Party Contractors or In-house Employees

Check if your renovation company gives jobs to a third-party contractor or has employees working full-time. Either way, you will want to see if the contractors/employees are reliable and don’t add to your worries.

• Look at Their Portfolio

Take a look at the company's previous work, the styles it caters to, the price range, and anything else you want to know. Make sure the company caters to your exact needs. You don’t want to get your house redone in a modern style from a renovation company that has only worked on traditional homes.

• Ask Around

Ask for previous client references and talk to them about the company. If the company was easy to work with, did they find malpractices or misbehaviour, dealing with the company daily, attention to detail etc.

• Written Estimates

Write down all the things you want to be done before asking for an estimate. Make sure the company gives you a written estimate for all the services it offers. If you don’t get a written estimate, the company might change the items or rates without notifying you.

• Necessary Credentials

All qualified home renovation contractors are required to have the required licenses. Specific certifications and affiliations with guilds or associations are a plus. You want someone qualified and trained to do the work.

• Transparency

Make sure the company is transparent with you. Your renovation contractor is supposed to be transparent with you, whether it is the quality of the materials or the prices charged. Look out for hidden costs and terminate the project immediately if you find any. The contractor should communicate with you about any potential problems that may arise. Ensure they are insured and bonded.

Always be careful while choosing a renovation company. Interiors with Elegance have been awarded 10 Best of Houzz Awards for our service and design. We offer renovation services for bathrooms, kitchens, new homes, finished and unfiinshed basements etc. We deal with multiple styles and can help with any custom designs you need. Read our blog on the questions to ask a custom renovation contractor before work begins.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our services or to book an appointment.


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