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When renovating your kitchen in Calgary, you can expect the cabinets to account for about 29% of your overall budget. However, this largely depends on the design and style of your cabinets.

How do you know which kitchen cabinets fit your home decor as well as your budget? Learning about all the available options will help you with this decision. Start with this guide to kitchen design in Calgary to find out which kitchen cabinet is best for your home.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

The type of cabinets in your home will depend on the size of your kitchen and the layout. Some kitchen cabinet styles fit better in galley-style kitchens, while others make use of the current space and fit perfectly with large islands.

Standard Designs

There are four main types of kitchen cabinets that offer you a blank canvas to begin your kitchen renovation design. These cabinet categories can then be divided into more detailed versions.

Base Cabinets

You may consider the best kitchen cabinets to be the most standard because they probably fit into your current layout.

These standard structures that act as the foundation of your kitchen are called base cabinets. They measure between 61 and 66 cm in depth and 86 to 91.5 cm tall and sit on a four-inch block called a toe kick.

Bases usually include four doors, two drawers, and two false drawers for decoration that go under countertops or around stoves and dishwashers.

Tall Cabinets

During your kitchen remodel, you might consider adding a standard tall cabinet for a pantry or closet. These types of cabinets are floor-to-ceiling and are about 212 cm tall, depending on the ceiling height.

Wall Cabinets

You can't go kitchen cabinet shopping without thinking about wall cabinets. These are the parts of your kitchen that are most used for common storage of plates, glasses, and spices because they are attached to the wall for easy access.

Depths for these style cabinets are between 31 to 62 cm deep and are installed above the backsplash.

Custom Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets change the dimensions to fit your kitchen's layout. You can also change the kitchen cabinet material to make your design unique, which can be worth the investment.

Additions like wine cabinets, hutches, and corner cabinets also fit into this customized category.

Specific Cabinet Styles

Most kitchens will have a mixture of all four types of cabinets. However, the cost of your kitchen renovation can range anywhere between $35k and $75k based on what style of cabinets and kitchen upgrades you use.

Here are a few cabinet styles that will make your kitchen stand out:

  • Beaded Cabinets: face-framed style cabinets lined with small beads to give your kitchen a country-cottage look

  • Shaker Cabinets: compressed five-piece panels with flat, smooth surfaces for a clean contemporary style that is also classic

  • Flat Panel Cabinets: a one-piece cabinet with no panels or impressions that highlight modern hardware

Get Started with Your Kitchen Design in Calgary

Choosing your own kitchen design in Calgary can be overwhelming without professional assistance. At Interiors with Elegance, we walk you through the design process so you can ensure every part of your kitchen displays your personality.

Contact Interiors with Elegance to begin your renovation.


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